IGN Interview's Paul and Jeff - 8.8.2008

I was going to post this for the next "Monday Movies", but I thought that I should get it up as soon as possible. It's a few days old and there isn't really any new information, but the main reason that I'm showing you this video is to build up more hype for WAR - not because of the game itself, but because of the people working on it.

Paul and Jeff have amazing chemistry. While getting quality WAR information, at the same time, I am always entertained when watching a Paul and Jeff interview. The two are able to feed off each other's energy so well and it always looks like they are having so much fun - even when they are stating something for the 793095th time. Paul and Jeff have such a passion for WAR that whenever I see them, I am completely reassured that WAR will rock the MMO world.

-Matt Graham


arbitrary said...

It's good stuff, thanks!

Openedge1 said...

Glad these guys are so interesting, as the gameplay itself still looks like crud mud.
Really, these guys desperately need to show something more amazing, as right now, I keep seeing slow WoW like combat and dull colorization.
This is probably the most boring of the vids yet for gameplay.
Hope they show something soon that makes me think this is not WoW 2.0