Back! - 8.7.2008

I'm back! Well, actually I got back last night, but I didn't feel like blogging. So, quite a lot happened while I was gone - of course. I could never go AFK without some big news coming out, that'd just be absurd!

First, I'd like to give some props to Regis from Wizard Sandwenches, errr, Wizards and Wenches for opening up a forum for the WAR blogging community called Blog Warhammer.

Second, I'd like to point out the awesomeness of the fact that Warhammer Online now has an official release date - September 18th.

Next, I'd like to point out even more awesomeness because anyone that pre-ordered the Collector's Edition will be able to get into closed beta as soon as next week. That's me! W00t!

And last, I'd like to let everyone know that "My Little Greenskin" is DEFINITELY not dead. It's just that I've either been busy or not around lately. The third issue will hopefully come soon.

I might post some opinion stuff later tonight. If not, I'll get something up tomorrow.

-Matt Graham

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singlemalt said...

Glad you're back Matt. Could you make a minor change to your blog list? War Noob is now The War Corps. New look, same great taste. Thanks!