My Little Greenskin #1: Greenskin at the Grocer - 7.4.2008

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Creds to Arbitrary and Spinks. "My Little Greenskin" is now a reality.

Yesterday, my friend Spencer and I laughed when we saw what was said over at the Book of Grudges about the video we posted.

"[...] Finally, go stop by Bloghammer Online and check out the cute little Youtube slideshow made to try and get into beta. It’s adorable. I think perhaps I now want a ‘My Little Greenskin’."

Then, I said to Spence, "Dude, what if we really did that? It'd be fun!" He agreed completely and from there we decided to make it a reality. I wrote the story and he drew the pictures (working with MS Paint). What's pictured above is just the first of many we hope to bring you in this weekly comic! It's recommended that you click the picture to view it in it's full size.

We hope you enjoy our comedic taste. :D

-Matt Graham


arbitrary said...

Awesome, I love it! I hope it becomes a series :-)

Spinks said...

Haha, that's awesome!

Brotik said...

Chrono Chaos: find me!

btw..nice comic!

Vagrant said...


theorderofdestruction said...

Very funny hope there is more

theorderofdestruction said...

Great comic! Can't wait to see more