I WUN PLEH WAR! - 7.2.2008

There are many things that I want to do in my life, one of which is playing WAR - NOW! Exactly one week ago, after pre-ordering the collector's edition for WAR three days earlier, I received my key for the open beta, the live head start, etc. This has been a very difficult week - WAR-wise. See, before I pre-ordered the CE, there was no guarantee that I would ever been in the beta for WAR. However, now that I actually have a key for the open beta in my possession, it's tough knowing that I WILL be in the WAR beta, I just don't know when. It's like knowing that you are going to die someday, you just don't know when or how it's going to happen. Okay, maybe that metaphor was slightly graphic, but I feel it fits the current situation.

I'm so obsessed with the idea of playing WAR. I'm going crazy! I'm constantly visiting fansites and watching videos, trying to get my fix immediately by reading every little piece of news as it trickles out. I'm prepared to do anything, some things that I can't say on this blog that include me, Paul Barnett, a wooden spoon, and a leather jacket, to get into the closed beta. I'll just end it there before my fanboyism of Paul Barnett crosses the line - if it hasn't already.

The below video is something that my friend put together in about 5 seconds. It's his "shot at beta". The original plan was for it to be a video of a "sick" boy wanting in the WAR closed beta for his last wish. Ya, my friend has a sick mind - I guess I can't really talk though. It's basically a slideshow of some pictures he made in paint. I guess that his aim was for it to be so crappy/odd that it might catch someones attention. Just watch it.

-Matt Graham


arbitrary said...

I laughed a lot and think they should have let you all in on the strength of that! ps. need more cute Order pics though!

Syp said...

Heh, too funny!

dave said...

Don't worry, I'll keep posting mindless crap for you to feed your habit with.

And I'm sure you will enjoy the beta when you get in. Hopefully in a few days/weeks.