The End of an Era - 10.9.2008

Simply put, I'm not playing WAR. My subscription ends in eight days and I won't be adding more time.

I also liked to think of myself as an MMO player, but I've finally realized that I'm not and MMO player - I'm a WoW player. I've played WoW for almost 4 years now, and not s single MMO has taken me away for more then 3 weeks. There is just something about WoW that can't seem to allow me leave. I can, honestly, no longer (after AoC, WAR, etc. disappointed me) see myself playing any other game than WoW, and I picture myself playing WoW until Blizzard takes the servers down (or discontinues the creation of new content). I originally planned to write a huge post about all of this, but I decided to keep it short because of what I'm about to say next.

Yes, I am done with Bloghammer (but I still do Blogcraft). However, this does not mean that I want Bloghammer to die out. Now, I am looking for a couple of people out there to take over for me. If you would like to write for Bloghammer, you're going to e-mail me at with your name, why you want to write for Bloghammer, your "WAR credentials", and a short 100-300 word example blog post. You may also add any other information that you feel I should know.

Now, don't be surprised if you see me periodically post some new things on Bloghammer. I still be checkin' around the WAR blogosphere every so often.

-Matt Graham