The End of an Era - 10.9.2008

Simply put, I'm not playing WAR. My subscription ends in eight days and I won't be adding more time.

I also liked to think of myself as an MMO player, but I've finally realized that I'm not and MMO player - I'm a WoW player. I've played WoW for almost 4 years now, and not s single MMO has taken me away for more then 3 weeks. There is just something about WoW that can't seem to allow me leave. I can, honestly, no longer (after AoC, WAR, etc. disappointed me) see myself playing any other game than WoW, and I picture myself playing WoW until Blizzard takes the servers down (or discontinues the creation of new content). I originally planned to write a huge post about all of this, but I decided to keep it short because of what I'm about to say next.

Yes, I am done with Bloghammer (but I still do Blogcraft). However, this does not mean that I want Bloghammer to die out. Now, I am looking for a couple of people out there to take over for me. If you would like to write for Bloghammer, you're going to e-mail me at with your name, why you want to write for Bloghammer, your "WAR credentials", and a short 100-300 word example blog post. You may also add any other information that you feel I should know.

Now, don't be surprised if you see me periodically post some new things on Bloghammer. I still be checkin' around the WAR blogosphere every so often.

-Matt Graham


Pidge said...

You do what's fun. And when it's not fun, you stop doing it.

Kudos to you for finding out what you really enjoy. No reason to feel anything but good about that.

Blizzcon is upon us and WOTLK is right around the corner so there should be a whole new boatload of fun ahead.

I'm enjoying both games right now, so I'll happily keep reading your stuff into the future.

Keep on trucking...

Snafzg said...

It was bound to happen (not you specifically, but WAR bloggers in general) and now that the one-month is coming up, I think we'll see more of it.

WoW is definitely an addicting game for many people, as is any game you invest four years of your life into. It was hard for me to quit my old text-MUD even with all the MMO alternatives out there after six years of playing.

Good luck in the game. At least they seem to be taking a slightly more PvP-oriented direction with WotLK, so you may get what you couldn't find in WAR.

Super G said...

Some day you will find yourself like a lot of former wow players. I did it for two years. After you realize that grinding for reputation and pve gear is boring, after you realize that you can only raid Kara so many times, after you realize that the BGs are worthless, after you realize that you have scoured every inch of Azeroth, after you get tired of your class getting nerfed every patch, after you realize that the official forums are miserable. . . it gets old. And you will leave wow. It happens to everyone. You will join our ranks shortly.

Anonymous said...

I understand your plight, I went through the same problem with DAoC, and finnaly gave it up (after many frustrations) and just MADE myself play WoW. Fortunatly, for me, WAR came along. Have fun in WoW!

arbitrary said...

Have fun in WoW! You'll be missed here, but in the end, you got to do what you enjoy most with your time and money :-)

Ardua said...

Can I keep all your stuff?

Seriously though. Best of luck mate.