And now, we wait... - 8.18.2008

Okay, so after the period of unlocking, I was prompted to open up the new folder that was created by clicking the "Play" button. I ran "setup" and I'm assuming that it installed, but it seemed like it didn't take long enough.

It then brought me to the "EA Mythic Patcher Login" where I put in the same information that I used at the Mythic Account Center. It quickly did something (pictured right) and just went back to the login screen.

So, I think that I'm as far as I can be for now. I guess I just sit and wait for now with a useless extra 9.x gigs on my machine until September 7th.

The wait is gunna be painful. I'm one of those Collector's Edition pre-orders that didn't get into closed beta because my machine is not up to par. I'm not running a bad machine by any means. I was probably just a tad bit under the bar that Mythic had set for what kind of machines they wanted to allow entrance into closed beta. I can wait, but it will be painful. >.>

-Matt Graham


Anonymous said...

no need to keep that crappy download manager after completing the download, right?

Syp said...

And now we play the waiting game... again!

arbitrary said...

do you not get the preview weekend?

and @Syp - aren't you playing in beta already?

Ardua said...

Oh God you and me both mate. The Can you Run It site put me quite a bit over the minimum.
Yet... no closed beta invite. Made all the worse by the fact that the friends who reminded me of the game however many long months ago are all in. least we get the pretty pictures and blogposts now right?