Let Me Clarify... - 8.30.2008

Okay, so I'd like to acknowledge the comments made on my "WAR Is Good, WoW Is Better" post.

Trust me, I am aware that it is IMPOSSIBLE to review an MMO after only a few hours of play. The earlier blog post was supposed to really be a "first impression" from what I had experienced and a full review would come later when I could actually get the time to play. I thought that by saying I only played for a few hours, it would imply that I wasn't doing a full review, but I guess I should have made that more clear.

I apologize to anyone who may have been offended when seeing that post as a full review.

-Matt Graham


Snafzg said...

Hehe, I guess it was just a miscommunication.

When most people read an incendiary title like that, hear you only played a few hours, and then saw some quick, weak comparisons (no offense!) they immediately reacted negatively.

I'm interested to read your more in-depth review! :)

Anonymous said...

We get it, youre a little too much addicted to WoW, and want to compensate by "giving a chance" to WAR.

Then you play for a hour and claim it sucks, even thought you havent really even played it at all.

Its okay.

Wombats said...

You might want to spent a bit more time with the game :)

I was at a similiar stage early on...having played in beta a few weeks now...

...you really should play the game a bit more, seriously.

This isn't a competitor to WoW, its a competitor to FPS games.

TF2 and CoD4 have not got a look in since we started RvRing over voice chat.

Oakstout said...

In these days of rabid fanboi attacks, its best that you make that clarification. That said, as long as your honest about what you experienced then you should be good.

It's sad it has to be this way, but apparently WAR fanboiz are hard core about their game.

Vietnow said...

Snafzg really hit the nail on the head. What saddens me the most is that I was foolishly praying overly critical flamers would avoid WAR and its related public forums.

Riiiiiight. This is the internet, it will forever be plagued by these people.

Hopefully this won't deter you in posting a more in-depth review of the game. I've been reading this blog for quite some time, and I'd hate to see you leave the community over something like this.

However, if you left the community to play WoW exclusively I will hate you till the day you die. :P

Baz Anderson said...

I think there is more than enough room in the gaming community for some people who prefer Wow and those that prefer War. Somehow I dont' think the world is going to end.... and besides. It's an ongoing choice. A couple months from now the whole scene might look radically different.