FailPlanet is Fail - 8.18.2008

UPDATE: I waited the 50 minutes that it told me to wait for the next availability check and my download has started. It's downloading at about 1 MB/sec. The estimated time remaining is a little over 3 hours.

So, the WAR beta download client is now available - I use the word "available" loosely.

Supposedly, you are able to begin downloading the client today, but the FilePlanet download manager seems to say "Est. date available: Tue, Aug 19,2008". So, ya... Some people are saying that their download has started and that everything is cool, some claim that spamming "Check Now" will eventually start your download, and some even say that spamming "Check Now" screws you over.

I'd guess that this isn't going as smoothly as Mythic anticipated - especially considering the delay for allowing people to start downloading the client was so that they would find a better way than their previous means (torrent).

I'm just gunna sit back and watch the QQ's fall from the sky as I spam "Check Now".

-Matt Graham


Anonymous said...

<3 the title!

Garrettesque said...

Bah, I can't even get passed the "We're sorry, an error has occurred. Please close your browser and try again. If the problem persists, contact customer service."

newprince said...

It's pretty clear the earlier people got first crack at it.

Patience... there's nothing you can do with it anyway!

Anonymous said...

I gave up on it with the 50-100K speeds. I found the official torrent and pulled it down 300-320K