WAR Will NOT Release On September 23rd - 7.28.2008

I had to. But, I also had to do something a little different.

I don't care what the Singapore one-celled life form from the fiery pits of Mars' volcano's EA website says. WAR's release date is NOT September 23. My first, and probably strongest, reason is that September 23rd is the first Tuesday in the fall season - the season of this year in which WAR is supposed to release. It's simply a placeholder date.

My second reason is that, well, the NDA hasn't dropped yet. Apparently, we'll be getting the NDA drop before open beta begins. That being said, I expect open beta to go for at least a month, unlike the few weeks that most people think. After open beta, there will be the headstart, which I assume will be 5-7 days before release. So, here is my predicted timeline outlining why WAR will NOT release on September 23rd.

NDA Drop - August 4th
Open Beta Start - August 8th
Open Beta End - September 12th
Head Start Begining - September 15th
Head Start "End" - September 22nd
Official Release - September 23rd

Oh... Wait... Eh... Hmm... Maybe it will release on September 23rd after all... Damn...

Being completely honest, I actually did go into the post trying to prove why WAR wouldn't release on September 23rd, but a little over halfway through my timeline I had a change of heart.

P.S. - Busiest day of my life. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but whatever. "Monday Movies" tomorrow. Maybe. >.>

-Matt Graham


Twizmo said...

I hope you are right, I myself are doing the numbers, I dont forsee the headstart being as long as you, I would think 24 hours at most, but I could be wrong.

Long time reader first time commenter.

Twizmo said...

I hope it does release on the 23rd, I am going a little more crazy everyday.

The only thing I am not sure about in your timeline is the headstart, are they really going to give a week you think? I was thinking 24-48 hours at most.

Snafzg said...

LOL, nice. Even if this is what Mythic has written down on their whiteboards at head office, anything can change the dates, so it's really hard to guess for sure.

My guess is some time in October because Mark Jacobs has said numerous times that August is a horrible month to release due to staff taking time off work. I can't imagine they'd want to run an open beta on a skeleton crew of Mythic employees during that month either, but hey, I could be wrong.

Twizmo said...

I know at my work when it comes down to a special promo or something we get told we cant leave on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Don't scare me like that. I was like, "aw crap, Matt knows something we don't!"

- singlemalt (dave)