Oh, Boy... - 7.12.2008

So, I'm gone for just a few days and EA Mythic, or shall I say Mythic Entertainment, performs an air raid on the MMO community. So, let's go through this last week in review. (I'll probably be posting more opinionated articles about each separate piece of news periodically.)

1. EA Mythic is changing their name back to Mythic Entertainment. They will remain a part of EA, they are simply just changing the name. It must be a zen thing or something.
2. Warhammer Online will be using Punkbuster as their method to fight against cheaters and hackers. No surprise there. Punkbuster is seen in almost every online EA game - at least the ones I play.
3. Guild Beta began yesterday. I'm still waiting for the word about Chrono Chaos's beta acceptance.. :p
4. Four, you heard it, four capital cities are are being removed from the game for launch. Maybe they'll be back in future patches or expansions - they'd better be.
5. Four has become the unlucky number in the WAR universe because it's also been reported that four classes are being removed from the game - 2 tanks, and 2 melee DPS. The Dwarf Hammerer, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Dark Elf Blackguard, and Orc Choppa are no longer going to be playable classes in WAR. I'm personally gunna miss the Choppa.

Wow. At least that's all of the bad news for now. I dunno if I could take anymore blows like this in one sitting. I was expecting announcements as far as a release date or something of the sort, but wow, just wow.

I'm probably not as upset about this as most of the other bloggers out there, but it definitely changes the way I look at the game. I think that Mythic might have jumped a little to quick to these decisions. Quite honestly, I'd rather have the game delayed until something like May 2009 with all the cities, classes, other features, etc. in the game, than have what you could call an unfinished or over-polished product and have it in my hands in a few months.

Oh well. I'm still loving the way this game is looking and I'm still looking forward to open beta.

-Matt Graham


arbitrary said...

Is it sad that I thought about you when the announcements were made and how shocked you'd be to come back to it all and see them...

Regis said...

Welcome back to the chaos and drama ;)