My Class Playlist - 7.15.2008

Syp, from over at the Waaagh! Blog, posted a cool article earlier today. It's the first in a three-part series in which he's listing the classes he's most wanting to play, in order. So, being the rogue that I am, I stole his idea. >.> I won't do mine in three parts however, I'll just be doing it in one. So, the following is a top 5 list of what classes I'm wanting to play the most in WAR. Beginning with number 5 and ending at number 1 - the class I most want to play.

5. Greenskin Black Orc - The concept of tanking in WAR seems interesting. I'm looking forward to giving it a try whenever beta opens up to CE pre-order customers. To put it simply, the Black Orc just looks amazingly badass. Your enemy will be terrified to fight you up close because it's your specialty, but also because your intimidating look will scare them away before they can get anywhere near you.

4. Empire Witch Hunter - I think the big question here is, who wouldn't wanna play the Van Helsing, errr Witch Hunter class? It looks like lots of fun! At first glance, it seems like the Witch Hunter should be a ranged DPS class vs. a melee DPS class and it also seems strangely similar, at some times, to WoW's Paladin class. This is one class that I will definitely have to play to fully understand.

3. Goblin Shaman/Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine - "LFM Keep Siege!" How about me? *recieves group invite instantly* That's why I love support classes, not to mention the fact that they can be really fun to play. Support classes and tanking classes are also the first on the required classes list when starting a group. That's a good list to be on.

2. Dwarf Engineer - How amazing are the Dwarf Engineers? Very amazing! There is just something about them that lures you in. The Engineer's main form of damage output is ranged - something that I'm really wanting to play in WAR. The guns and special tools that they use just seem so neat! If I wasn't leaning so far towards playing Destruction, the Dwarf Engineer would probably be on the top of my list - but I dunno, #1 is hard to beat!

1. Goblin Squig Herder - Why? Well, I hate casters. My main intention is to play Destruction and the only non-caster ranged class is the Squig Herder. However, that's not the only reason. There's the humor factor too. I always thought that the idea of playing the "small guy" in an MMO while kicking ass is incredibly fun; my main character in WoW is a Gnome Rogue. That's not the only hilarious thing about Squig Herders. Who wouldn't wanna command packs of little red blobs with teeth?! I just love playing a character that isn't taken seriously and then suddenly pwns your ass!

P.S. - I wrote up My Little Greenskin #2 this morning and sent it to Spencer a few hours ago. Expect it anytime from very late tonight/very early tomorrow through Friday.

-Matt Graham


Syp said...

Thief! THIEF! I hates you bagginssss!

arbitrary said...

ha ha, I see your list really does bounce between Order and Chaos..