Keen's E3 Adventure - 7.18.2008

Keen, from over at Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog, wrote up an awesome account of everything he saw, WAR related, at E3. The article talks about some cool new things that I haven't heard about in WAR before, and there is only one single piece of information that I'm a little disappointed by - that's pretty good. You should read the whole article, but I'm going to point out a few things that I liked to hear.

"Over 400 armor sets in the game."

"Over 114 different dye colors based on Games Workshops paints for the miniatures."

"The King encounter (he looks cool by the way) will be more than simply a “tank and spank” encounter. While fighting the Chaos king you’ll see voids opening around you and the floor breaking apart with chaos swirling all around and the pillars in the room falling. Adam sounded really excited."

"NEW ADDITION TO THE GAME: RvR Fortresses. These “uber keeps” (quote from Adam) of 'RvR Goodness' (quote from Mark Jacobs) act as an additional barrier between players and capital cities. They have also replaced the Capital cities in the battlefronts that had theirs taken away. These will offer very interesting RvR encounters. [...] A realm must capture 2/3 Fortresses to make the enemy Capital vulnerable."

"The combat looked fluid, polished, and extremely fun."

"Adam’s Zealot was only level 2 yet he was able to hold his ground against level 7 players because of how scenario’s work - they boost player’s abilities so that everyone feels on equal footing. It was working quite well."

That's a good sized list right there, and I'm only pointing out the things that REALLY caught my eye. Now, there is one thing that I'm a little disappointed about.

"There are no instanced raid dungeons. [...] Most dungeons are public where anyone can enter and fight but the bosses are instanced."

I'm gunna have to see that play out. I'm sure I'll be able to handle it, but it may be difficult at first because I'm coming over from WoW.

There you have it. Some awesome information! Thanks for the great article, Keen!

-Matt Graham


arbitrary said...

I didn't mind non-instanced dungeons over on DAoC, but I think we'll just see how it pans out.

boatorious said...

I read the whole thing but totally missed the part about raid dungeons. Sorry you'll miss them. I'm happy to be rid of them, I'll never have to quit a guild because I can't handle the raiding schedule yaaaay.