My Career Intentions - 6.23.2008

My main intention is to play a Squig Herder. I've always loved ranged classes in MMOs - the large damage output and the minimal damage input. Ranged classes are the "backseat leaders" in PvE and PvP. Now, why a Squig Herder? It's quite simple actually. I hate casters. I intend to play Destruction and the only non-caster ranged class is the Squig Herder. However, that's not the only reason. There's the humor factor too. I always thought that the idea of playing the "small guy" in an MMO while kicking ass is incredibly fun; my main character in WoW is a Gnome Rogue. That's not the only hilarious thing about Squig Herders. Who wouldn't wanna command packs of little red blobs with teeth?! I just love playing a character that isn't taken seriously and then suddenly pwns your ass! The Squig Herder is not the only class that intrigues me, however.

I love PvE in MMOs, but who doesn't? It's the basic foundation of most MMOs. The worry is that Squig Herders won't be viable and always needed in PvE. So, it's probably a good thing that I enjoy healing and support. My other main character in WoW is a Dwarf Paladin. This is where the Disciple of Khaine and the Goblin Shaman come in. Both classes interest me, but not as much as the Squig Herder.

If in beta, I see that the Squig Herder is in fact useful in PvE, I'll probably stick with that. Then, I don't see why I couldn't have a good DoK or Shaman alt.

-Matt Graham


Dave said...

I always roll a melee dps toon at first, but end up with casters. In WOW I started with a warrior and ended up with my warlock. So although I find the White Lion class interesting (go to battle with a war lion who picks up your opponent and tosses it at your feet? Sweet!) I would not be surprised if I end up with a caster after a few weeks.

arbitrary said...

It's interesting, these are the same kind of discussions me and spinks are having a lot about classes we want to play. Expect to hear more on this subject, a lot.

JoBildo said...

I tend to roll DPS too really.

Though I recently made the switch to go Order at launch to be with some friends of mine.

Right now though, I'm torn. The tanking mechanics in WAR sound REALLY interesting and far more fun to play than most games.

I'm not a fan of elves, but the Swordmaster LOOKS very cool, and my favorite fantasy race of all time the dwarves have a beast in the Ironbreaker.

But I suspect what will happen on release day is that the urge to play pure DPS will win out and I'll find myself as either a Bright Wizard, a Hammerer, or a White Lion (they are being called DPS right, or is that the Shadow Warrior).